Hauxley Working Party – 1

Saturday 3rd December 2016 saw the first of several working parties to prep the site for the eventual arrival of the new hut in early 2017. Six members of the NRG (Martin Davison, Ian Fisher, Richard Barnes, Alan Hart, John Strowger and Yvonne Townsend) arrived at 0900 and set about emptying the store hut and assessing the wood contained therein to see if any could be salvaged to make the shuttering for the base to the new hut.

This task was completed by early afternoon and the area of the new hut was marked out to see how it would fit into the landscape.


The new hut area

It wouldn’t be a working party without a visit to the chippy, and it wouldn’t be like Richard to come to Hauxley without some kind of cake! All in all, a good start and further working parties will be held regularly throughout the winter. Everyone is welcome and dates will be emailed nearer the time of the working party.