Little Egret from Newark to Lindisfarne

We were out and about at Lindisfarne, on 3rd Feb this year, and me being ‘new fangled’ with my new camera and lens kit was taking pictures of everything. Along the Causeway, a Little Egret was feeding in the salt marsh creeks (as had been most of the winter) so I drew alongside in my car and ‘rattled off a series of shots’. It wasn’t until I got home and was processing images on my computer that I realised that this bird was colour-ringed.


Little Egret by Tom Cadwallender

It had been ringed as a nestling on 18th May 2014 at Besthorpe Gravel Pits, Newark, Nottinghamshire.

If you find colour ringed birds, you can report them  to the European colour-ring birding site.

By Tom Cadwallender